Third Grade

Mrs. Bowen
Mrs. Pinello
Mrs. Thompson

Third Grade is an exciting year of many firsts and tremendous academic growth! This is also a year your child will discover new challenges. Your child will be introduced to:

1. Multiplication Facts & Division

2. SOL Testing

3. Switching classes


 School to Home Communications & Procedures

Third Graders will have math and a daily reading assignment for homework every Monday through Thursday.  Assignments will be copied daily into the planner and should be signed each night by an adult.

Graded papers and parent information will be sent home in the blue homework folder on a regular basis. Papers marked with an “N” (needs improvement) will need to be signed and returned the next school day.

Parent assistance, help, and review of homework nightly are essential for your child’s success in 3rd grade.

Communication with your child’s teacher is an expectation.  We are always here to help, and we look forward to working with you this year!