Third Grade

Mrs. Bowen
Mrs. Pinello
Ms. Meade
Mrs. Thompson
Third Grade is an exciting year of many firsts and tremendous academic growth! This is also a year your child will discover new challenges. Your child will be introduced to :
1. Multiplication & Division
2. Letter Grades for Report Cards
3. Chapter Books
4. SOL Testing

All Reading Comprehension tests or quizzes are OPEN BOOK.  We are trying to teach the children to read within the passage and locate every answer.

Spelling tests are given every Friday.

 School to Home Communications & Procedures

Third Graders will have homework every Monday through Thursday.  Policy states homework should be 60  minutes 5 nights a week.  Assignments will be copied daily into the planner and should be signed each night by an adult.

Blue Folders are sent home every Tuesday with graded papers and school information. Graded papers should be returned and the blue folder form signed.  Please sign any D or F papers.

Parent assistance, help, and review of homework nightly is essential for you child’s success in 3rd grade.

SOL Testing

Students have their first experience with SOL testing in Third Grade. The tests are given in May to measure students’ knowledge of Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade SOL’s. Students are tested in two areas: Language Arts and Math.  The tests are spread over a sequence of days with one subject tested each day.

Students are prepared for the SOL tests in a variety of ways:

practice quizzes in the SOL format

review of SOL’s in computer lab using various software programs and internet.

Students  attend Guidance to help build testing confidence.

After school SOL practice in the Spring if needed.