Fifth Grade

Ms. Boeji
Mrs. King
Ms. Mitchem
Mrs. Rogers

Fifth grade is an exciting year for students. It is a year of change as students gain the independence they need for their transition to middle school. As a fifth grade team, we work hard to give students opportunities to be more independent and to take more responsibility for their learning. We strive to meet each student’s individual learning needs through a variety of instructional methods, such as small groups, flexible grouping, and enrichment activities, all geared to help them gain a lifelong love of learning.

There are currently four teachers in fifth grade. Mrs. Boeji and Ms.Mitchem teach Language Arts, Mrs. Rogers teaches Science and Social Studies, and Mrs. King teaches Math.

Our goals as fifth grade teachers are:

  • To provide a positive environment for learning

  • To help students develop study skills

  • To help students develop lifelong organizational skills

  • To prepare each student for the middle school experience

  • To foster self-discipline and independence in each student

  • To provide an environment conducive to self-expression and creativity

  • To provide a level of computer literacy in each student

  • To provide a curriculum which is guided by the Standards of Learning but exceeds these standards when appropriate 

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