Dates to Remember:

February 21 – Talent Show

3 – NO School
7 – PTA Board Meeting
12 – Daylight Savings Time begins
21 – General PTA Meeting STEM Night
31 – End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Our new playground area will soon be taking shape!  A total of 8 swing seats (one adaptive) and 2 new basketball goals will be installed.  Mr. Bryant, Assistant Superintendent, has agreed to pay for installation, borders, mulch, and resurfacing and painting of the basketball pavement.  THANK YOU MR. BRYANT!

With the help of 77 families who used their Kroger Plus Card for their Kroger purchases between 9-1-2016 and 11-30-2016 East Salem earned $1780.67! If your family does not already have their Kroger Plus Card linked to another organization, consider linking it to East Salem to help us earn even more!

Keep an eye out for your spring Spirit Wear order form.  There will only be about 2 weeks to submit your order due to processing schedules.  Watch for a form coming home soon in your Tuesday folder!

Pasta for Pennies

February 1 East Salem kicked off another annual Pasta for Pennies drive to help support the causes of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Students received a calendar listing exciting ways to participate in this service they can provide for those who battle these blood diseases.  Along with their calendars, paper collection boxes were distributed so that students have a place to store the donations they collect.  On February 8, our student body participated in an assembly to help them better understand the Pasta for Pennies program.  The classroom that collects the highest donation for our school will receive a complimentary feast from Olive Garden!

The Reflections program provides students with an opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to submit works of art in six different categories:

  • Dance Choreography · Film Production
  • Literature · Musical Composition
  • Photography · Visual Arts

The theme for the Reflections program for this school year was “What is Your Story?”  East Salem had 23 entries from very talented students that voluntarily chose to participate in this program. The following students won first place in their category and advanced to the next level of judging at the Council level (competing with students from other Salem City elementary schools).

  • Literature-Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
    o 1st Place-Mykala Poff
  • Literature-Primary (Preschool-2nd)
    o 1st Place-Jenna Wilkes
  • Dance Choreography-Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
    o 1st Place-Kendall Joyce
  • Visual Arts-Primary (Preschool-2nd)
    o 1st Place-Jenna Wilkes
  • Visual Arts -Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
    o 1st Place-Reece Mangus
  • Photography -Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
    o 1st Place-Ashlyn Adkins
  • Photography –Primary (Preschool-2nd)
    o 1st Place-Jenna Wilkes

East Salem Elementary PTA wants to recognize all of the following students that participated in Reflections this year. The creativity from all of these students was amazing!

Addie Sarver
Addison Suttles
Addy Funk
Alex Foster
Arealis Salinas
Ashlyn Adkins
Austin Prosser
Avery Mangus
Blake Perez
Brenna England
Brock Miles
Caelyn England
Jenna Wilkes
Kendall Joyce
Kirsten Perrin
Laikyn Funk
Matthew Moshier
Mykala Poff
Reece Mangus

Happy New Year from the East Salem Music Room!!!

I hope you had the opportunity to enjoyed listening and watching the 2nd grade students perform for the December PTA meeting on Tuesday, December 13.  They did such an outstanding job!!!

But that not’s all the 2nd graders did!  They performed their program for all of the students at East Salem during an afternoon performance on Wednesday, December 14.  These students worked extremely hard preparing for both performances.  Be sure to tell them how proud you are of them.

Lots of exciting activities are going on during all of the grade level music classes.

5th grade:  The 5th grade students performed their songs for the adults at the Adult Care Center on Wednesday, December 14.    The 5th graders go every year to sing Christmas and holiday music for them. The adults and staff just love to hear the children sing.
After their awesome musical performance in December, the 5th graders will now begin learning all about becoming a composer.  They will use paper and pencil to write music as well as using computer technology!!!

4th grade:  4th grade music classes have been learning about the lives and music of famous composers throughout Music History. During December, the students learned about the German composer, George Frideric Handel and the Russian composer, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. We will be starting off the New Year learning about the Hungarian composer, Bela Bartok.

3rd grade: 3rd grade music classes are continuing to work on playing the recorder.  They have learned to play the notes B-A-G on their recorders, as well as beginning to read their music notes on the lines and spaces on the Treble Clef.   The 3rd grade classes will soon be working on earning their Recorder Karate belts.
I have given the students the option of having someone record them at home playing their song for their recorder belt, and then sending it to me through either Facebook or email.
Here is some information about how you can help your 3rd grade student with their Recorder Karate Belt videos:

  • The video can be sent to my email address:
  • The video can be sent to me through this East Salem Elementary School music Facebook page –

The video can be sent to me through Facebook by typing a message in the message/status box and attaching the video.  You could also send me a video using Messenger.

  • There is a page on the South Salem/East Salem Elementary Music website that has these same directions plus videos to help learn the Recorder Karate Belt songs.

Here is the link to the website:

2nd grade:  2nd grade music classes are creating music journals again this year. We have already completed three of our pages. We are also learning to use real music terminology – such as tempo, pitch or mood.   2nd grade music classes have also begun using a new “tool” during their music classes. They have been introduced to the “music batons”. These “batons” are used for helping the students follow and highlight the words in their music books.    Who knows – maybe we may even try some conducting!!!

1st grade: 1st grade classes have begun discovering the difference between the Musical Alphabet and the Alphabet they use in their 1st grade classrooms. We have then played the Musical Alphabet on our glockenspiels.   They also tried their hand at writing music using Popsicle sticks.   1st grade music classes will very soon, started playing the glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones during “Mallet Madness”.

Be sure to check out the pictures on the East Salem Elementary School Music Facebook Page of the fun time we had writing music.

Kindergarten: Our Kindergarten students have been working extremely hard on learning how to keep a steady beat. We practice keeping the steady beat during each music class on our rhythm instruments.   We have even tried listening to a song and trying to find the steady beat on our laps.
We have really enjoyed listening to some of the coolest songs!!!!

If you want to find out more about your child’s music classes, here are two links – one to the website and the other is to the East Salem Music Facebook page.

Facebook page:


Be sure to “like” the East Salem Elementary School Music Facebook page and you will find out about all things music!  You may even find some pictures of several of these exciting music activities!

And always remember that:  Music Rocks!